What your child will learn at any of our extracurricular activity classes:

  • Self-confidence
  • Names of muscles, and how to stretch and gently warm them up properly
  • Learning through play
  • Balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Improved self-awareness, sensory receptions and creative thinking


The instructors in our clubs have years of teaching experience working with children.



Our Boxing Cubs class will focus on teaching students boxing, not as a contact sport, but as a physical fitness workout. Training in this sport will help children excel both physically and emotionally. Students learn self-discipline, focus and confidence, while improving their physical health. This boxing program offers a lot of fun, cool body movements, while teaching valuable life lessons. Students learn concepts that help build stamina and focus to achieve set goals.



Music is a universal language and our students will sing, dance and gyrate, expressing different movements to the diverse languages of music in the musical selections – lyrical, cultural, ballet, sad music, happy music, slow music, etc. Students will explore different uses of basic dance loco motor skills: walk, run, slide, gallop, skip, hop, leap, etc. Teacher will sometimes direct movements for unstructured free dance time.



“Parlez-vous francais?” (“Do you speak French?”) Students enrolled in our French Club will be saying, “Oui” (yes) to that question in no time as they will be taught the rudiments of the French language, from alphabets to numbers, songs and nursery rhymes of the French. Our highly experienced French instructor will nurture the interest and love of the French language in our students.


Our Budding Scientists Club builds on children’s natural curiosity and empowers them to think, question, explore and discover key science concepts that connect their world. In this scientific club students will acquire process skills and strengths to take risks, to find answers about their world. As they delve into the things around them, i.e. trees, sand, sunlight, plants, etc. the young scientists, even those without strong verbal skills would build confidence as opportunities arise for them to share science discoveries through hands-on exploration. Reading, writing and team work is an integral part of the budding Scientists Club. Students build strong speaking, listening and writing skills as they gather data and share the fun scientific explorations and discoveries with fellow budding scientists.