"We want children at The New Belmont Hall Nursery and Primary School to learn, to lead and to make a difference"


Dear friends and families,

Welcome to a brand-new school year and to our brand-new facility for student learning. Our nascent school is poised to meet the educational as well as developmental needs of your children.

As an educator with more than two decades of teaching in various school districts in America, I yearned to someday return to my roots here in Nigeria, to impact in a profound way the education of youngsters, using the best practices and teaching techniques garnered from all my years of teaching and being professionally developed by some world-renowned educators and institutions of progressive learning. I yearned to institute a Centre for learning where kids are empowered to be self-reliant and self-motivated, and it is in pursuit of those ideals that the New Belmont Hall Nursery and Primary School is birthed.

With best wishes,

Lady Justina Ihetu, B.A., M.S., Ed.

Head of School


The New Belmont Hall Nursery and Primary school is conceived on the legacy and accomplishments of champions that have brought honor and global recognition to Nigeria; particularly the legacy and accolades of Nigeria’s triple-threat, world boxing champion, philanthropist, and social justice activist, Richard I. Ihetu, known to the world as, Dick Tiger. Armed with this understanding, and the belief that children are important to the future of our country, teachers, and administrators at Belmont Hall are convicted to nurture youngsters who will each push to the height of their ability to connect with the spirit of excellence in their personal and academic endeavors.

Our main objective is to provide a safe, educational environment, with a solid support system for our students. We pride ourselves in upholding excellence, instilling sound values, discipline, and structure in our students, and with that, we have recruited teachers who are highly qualified and share the same vision for educating youngsters. Our teachers focus on students’ individual strengths and weaknesses to ensure students’ development of lifelong learning skills that promote self-reliance and self-worth. At our school, teaching and support staff will constantly strive for how best to educate and instill the confidence of champions in our students in order to help them excel in the challenges of this ever-changing world we live in.

Ongoing professional development opportunities are provided for our teachers, to ensure that they can deliver rigor and relevance, while cultivating students’ interests in the core basics of English language Arts, Mathematics, and the sciences; as well as expose them to the appreciation of the liberal arts, technology, music, competitive sports, physical education (PE), foreign languages and more.

Our foundation scholars comprise of children from 6 weeks, in our creche, to 7-year-olds in the 2nd grade; and 8-year-olds in the 3rd grade. A grade will be added each school year. Instruction is student-centered and data driven, based on research findings about students’ learning behaviors and outcomes.

It is our ethical duty as educators and caregivers to ensure that every child that walks through the doors of Belmont Hall Nursery/Primary School is provided a solid foundation; with individualized attention and instruction for the optimal achievement of their educational goals.

Our curriculum is predominantly based on the American Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative; with a fusion of the Nigerian and British Core Standards. Instruction will be student-centered and data-driven, based on research findings in students’ learning behaviors and outcomes.

As a school modeled after the legacy of a champion we are not just committed to meeting the traditional educational standards but are poised to rigorously prepare our students to demonstrate exceptional and high-level student outcomes statewide and nationally in the academic and non-academic endeavors. We provide a holistic approach to education, ensuring that all students are enriched intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially.

We endorse and promote problem-solving for a better tomorrow therefore, we will encourage our students to think freely and critically; to have a voice on issues concerning their communities, country, and the world at large; because we realize that teaching youngsters to believe in themselves has an enormous impact on our collective future as Nigerians and as citizens of the world.

Through a concerted effort of the dedicated and skillful staff here at our school, we hope to advance the course of education in our community, and our beloved country of Nigeria. We extend our warmest invitations to parents and other caregivers, to partner with us in our quest to raise up our children to become responsible young men and women, worthy of national and worldwide acclaim, in their chosen fields. We can’t wait to meet-and-greet you at the Belmont Hall School.


Our vision at The New Belmont Hall Nursery and Primary school is to groom self-reliant and self-motivated young people who will keep reaching deep into their souls to realize and unleash the champion within them, to lead remarkable lives beyond their school years.

It is our patriotic choice at Belmont Hall School, to extol the virtues of tolerance; inspire our students, young and younger, to shun prejudice, but embrace cultures and languages of all peoples, in the furtherance of a more harmonious coexistence in our ethnically diverse society of Nigeria.

As a school modeled after champion traits, we will continue to uphold the spirit of excellence by investing in the development of sound values and effective leadership traits in each of our school-age students, through various opportunities at school and outside of school.

Above all, we will nurture effective leaders who will blend academic achievement and godly character, to positively change lives and impact our society, and the world! That is our mission … our goal.

Teaching Staff

Ms. J. Ihetu

Head of School

Ms. V. Akaba


Ms. J. Enemuo


Mr. L. Odunuga


Ms. Y. Akimbode

CrÉche care